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March 31st 2015 Playstation Home is gone forever. I wasted so much money on it too...showing off with all those cool items. Hanging out on the back of a whale, and on that secret island will be sorely missed.
Lizard Squad sucks... What the hell is the point? Why are they attacking gamers? There is no purpose for attacking gamers! That is the worst angry mob you could ever want hating you!
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PSN GratuitDepuis déjà plus d’une décennie, le monde des jeux vidéos connait une véritable réussite à travers le globe tout entier. Que ce soit dans le pays pauvres ou encore parmi les puissances mondiales, que ce soit parmi les jeunes ou encore les adultes et même dans certains cas les personnes du troisième age, il est maintenant clair que les consoles font parti du quotidien de plusieurs millions de personnes à la surface du globe.

Playstation Network

La console de Sony, Playstation qui viens de lancer son nouveau model, la Playstation 4, fait le bonheur de plusieurs millions de personnes qui chaque jours devant leur écrans explorent les nouvelles performances de ce gadget extraordinaire. Tout comme son modèle précédent Playstation 3, Sony vous donne la possibilité au travers d’une connexion internet viable de pouvoir bénéficier des services de son Serveur en ligne, Playstation Network. Ce service vous offre plusieurs avantages en plus de vous permettre de vous connecter à plusieurs de vos amis à travers le monde, vous avez également la possibilité de saisir des offres et promotions, si vous disposer des codes requis.

Codes PSN

Les codes de Playstation network (Codes PSN) sont des numéros de séries que vous pouvez acheter dans la plupart des magasins électroniques ou l’on vend des consoles. Plutôt que de vous tracasser à tous le temps vous balader avec une pile de CD dans votre maison, vous pouvez tous simplement acheter des codes PSN et les faire valider sur Playstation network, afin de télécharger le jeu que vous venez de vous procurer au travers des codes. Certains jeux vous offre aussi des accessoires ou contenu supplémentaires auxquels vous ne pouvez accéder qu’en les achetant sur Playstation store ou en vous procurant des codes PSN. Vous avez donc ainsi la possibilité de pouvoir stocker tous vos jeux sur votre disque dur plutôt que des avoir dans des CD qui peuvent facilement se dégrader. De plus, sur Playstation store, vous pouvez vous offrir des jeux qui sont nettement moins chers comparés à ceux que vous pourrez trouvez dans les magasins électroniques. Ceci nous permet clairement donc de voir qu’il n’y a que des avantages lorsque vous considérer l’usage des codes PSN.

Codes PSN gratuits

L’avantage avec les codes PSN, c’est que vous n’êtes pas toujours obliger de les acheter. Certains sites web vous en offrirons en échange de participation aux sondages, lecture de leur contenu, ou simplement pour jouer sur leur site. Ainsi, le site codes PSN gratuit vous offrira des codes PSN gratuits après que vous ayez tout simplement participer à un sondage. Les sondages connaissent une popularité sans précédent depuis maintenant plusieurs années et sont un moyen sur d’obtenir un service gratuit et tant désiré sur le net. En complétant donc un ou plusieurs sondage gratuits sur ce site, vous aurez donc la possibilité de vous offrir des codes PSN que vous pourrez utiliser à votre guise.

Qu’attendez vous?

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Frequently when people contemplate getting a Playstation network code, they consider paying for a Playstation network card. The truth is that these activities are worlds apart. If you are really attempting to playing playstation network, there are very specific preparations you must adhere to in order to succeed with your objectives.

This book will investigate the intriguing journey that will lead to getting a free playstation network code successfully and will serve as a guide to prime you for a new dimension of effective success. There are a few things one should prepare before attempting to generate a playstation network code for free. However before getting a free playstation network code, you first need to assess and verify that generating a free playstation network code is the right fit for you.

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Generating a free playstation network code is a vital part of the equation that someone looking to get a playstation network code for free should do. If you are already accustomed to generating a free playstation network code, when it comes time to generate a playstation network code for free, this will be something you do without thinking which is how it should be.

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An important part of the discipline that is required to prepare for getting a free playstation network code involves getting ready to play playstation network. When you get ready to play playstation network, it allows you to be in the best frame of mind for all the preparations that are needed in order to achieve the ultimate objective of getting a free playstation network code.

3 – Sitting back and relaxing

One of the biggest oversights that someone can make when it comes to preparing to get a playstation network code for free is crashing on this important consideration. If you do not consciously observe sitting back and relaxing, it will be next to impossible to succeed. That is how dependent success is on sitting back and relaxing. If you do not know how to sit back and relax, then don’t stop reading because we will cover that in this book!

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¿Necesita códigos de PSN gratis? Nuestros códigos de PSN son siempre reales y siempre gratuita para pasar por nuestro sitio Web hoy y aprender! Date prisa y consigue la tuya hasta agotar existencias! Llene sólo una oferta gratuita de abajo para desbloquear el código de la tarjeta PSN!

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After months of anticipation, the Playstation 4 was finally launched in the United States, Canada, and Europe. The Playstation network now offers an even wider range of digital entertainment such a multi-player game play, streaming of TV shows and movies, availability of a full games date and day, and a premium cloud based music streaming service. If you are an avid gamer, then you are probably using the Playstation 3 or have recently made the upgrade to the PS4 – spending a huge chunk of your cash in the process. Free PSNBut just because you spend all that money on state of the art gaming hardware doesn’t mean that you can start accessing and enjoying all the features and benefits offered on the Playstation network. Sony requires that you make separate purchases for their PSN (Playstation Network) codes before you can access the additional features and benefits such as playing Minecraft, streaming Hulu or NetFlix among others.

What are Playstation network cards

The PSN card system was introduced by Sony to provide a fast, secure and convenient way for minors and other groups of individuals who would otherwise be unable to pay for these extra features using debit or credit cards. They are prepaid cards used to purchase content for the PS3, PS4, and Playstation portable devices. You can use PSN codes to unlock a host of features on the Playstation network.

Once you purchase a PSN card and key the code into your profile, your cash credit in your Playstation network wallet will be increased by the card’s value. PSN cards are available in denominations of $10, $20, and $50.

Own a Playstation? This is why you must obtain free PSN codes.

Sony Playstation consoles come bundled with numerous features and capabilities that the average gamer would rarely use. In fact there are many people who will never use the very features that make the consoles so expensive. But if you are an avid gaming enthusiast with a thing for online multi-player games, then the you will definitely fall in love with the Playstation network. However, it also means that you will have to spend more of your hard-earned cash purchasing PSN codes to download Apps, game demos, purchase the full versions, watch the latest TV shows, movies, and even download full PS games. Fortunately, this doesn’t have to be the case as you can easily obtained PSN codes without having to spend a single dollar.

Getting free PSN codes.

There are numerous websites from where you can get free Playstation networks card codes. While quite a few are genuine, a sizable number of them trick users into installing malware disguised as PSN code generators on their PCs. An even bigger number use this as a cover for collecting phone numbers and other contact details from unwitting users. Fortunately for you, there are a number of services on the web where you can get these free codes without having to worry about malware. One such service which has been tried and tested over a period, is provided at Free PSN Codes website. This service offers three hassle free ways of getting free PSN codes. You can choose any that suits your situation.

How to get psn codes for free from this website.

    Method one

  1. This website. At the top of the page is a blue box with the PSN code generator.
  2. To unlock the generator and get the code, you need to complete any one of the easy offers displayed in the floating box above the generator. In case you do not like the displayed offers, simply click on the “reload offer” button and new ones will be displayed. You can also reload the box is the displayed offered are not available from your location. Remember not close the browsing tab until you complete the process.
  3. The PSN code generator will be unlocked once you complete an offer, simply click the “generate” button to get a fresh PSN code.
    Method 2

  1. Click on the button located below the code generator box then go to the page that would open in the new tab (Free PSN Card Codes).
  2. Share the page on any of the 4 provided social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Google Plus). Use the social sharing buttons located right in the middle of the page to do this.
  3. Copy the all text in the box just below the social sharing buttons and post it in any three different locations on the web that are related to Sony Playstation or gaming. You are free to post on forums, social media pages, and the like – just ensure that you don’t post on the same website twice.
  4. A link will appear on the page once you complete the steps. Click on it to get your free PSN codes!

    Method 3

  1. Click on the link located just above the code generator box at and go to the download page that opens in the new tab.
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The prospect of having to spend $50 every few months to access premium content on the Playstation Network is simply galling. Which is why this service was launched- to make Playstation gaming an enjoyable, guilt free experience.

Anyone with an interest in Playstation gaming can obtain PSN codes for free by following any of the procedures outline above. What’s more, you don’t have to worry about the codes being rendered worthless by subsequent updates to Sony’s Playstation Network platform; we here at always update the code generator to match the code generation algorithm used by Sony. You only need to repeat the procedure to get updated codes. The best part is that you don’t have to worry about downloading malicious software or losing sensitive data to scam artists in the process.

If you’re looking for free PSN codes, this is the correct website to visit. Don’t be fooled by similar websites promising to provide something they cannot hope to give! I’m willing to bet if you purchased a Sony PlayStation 3 console, you may be an avid lover of technology and you would like to reap the benefits of all the features associated with it. While this is quite convenient – after all you paid out a huge chunk of your respective hard earned cash – , referring at a price nowadays. Sony now requires that you purchase their PlayStation network cards or PSN codes which can be valued at $10, $20, and 50 each. Purchasing PlayStation Network cards raises the cash credit in you PS network wallet whenever you key them in.

Exactly what are these so-called ‘PSN codes’?

PSN codes have become popular among gaming enthusiasts given that they make it possible to take pleasure from more than just regular gaming from you PS 3. You can download apps, PS game demos, tunes, movies, music, new shows, game demos and in many cases complete PS games. PlayStation network cards doubles to pay for services such as Hulu and Netflix. With PSN codes, you no longer need to work with a credit or debit card each time you need to download something from your market place, which is ideal for teens and also other groups of individuals who do not have debit or charge cards. While there is no doubt that these codes have turns into a very important feature of the PlayStation gaming experience, there’s one large problem with this arrangement for gamers: cost. The need to download and play content can be extremely addictive and simply a single month of purchasing Sony PlayStation network cards to give this need can set your bank balance back by more than a week’s worth of the money.

Getting your free PSN codes here

Free PSN CardThis prospect of spending plenty of cash after you already broke the lender to purchase the console is undoubtedly depressing. Fortunately, there are numerous of services on the Internet where you can get free PSN codes of denominations. One such website which has been tried and tested is Their service is offers one with the easiest ways of obtaining free PSN codes through this easy three step procedure.

• Visit this page and follow the instructions carefully.

• Share a similar page on the few other social networks

• Post an easy to use message to 3 websites specifically designed for gaming, or even better, PlayStation.

Easy, right? Once you do this, the free PSN codes are yours. Anyone can get these free worthwhile codes as long as they go through the 3 steps outlined above. After all who doesn’t use a facebook or twitter account nowadays?

You could be genuinely concerned that Sony could possibly change/update their codes rendering the free PSN codes you obtained useless. Well this could be so nevertheless, you need not worry. The guys regularly update their free PSN code generator to build any fresh codes Sony releases. If you ever uncover that the codes aren’t working before you use them, you only have to go time for the page pronto and repeat the 3 step process to acquire new, working free PSN codes.

Chances are, if you have Sony’s video games console, Playstation 3 you’re heavily into video gaming, movies, music, internet plus more. The problem is that buying most of these new games and more is basically costly and can set your bank balance back a lot. There is however a strategy to all of this and are two revolutionary new websites that combat worries of spending high levels of cash on the PSN Code, these codes could be used to purchase anything from your PlayStation Store without worries of handing out your bank details or spending money at all; the range of content available is astonishing, from downloadable games to full length TV shows and movies, there really is something for everyone. It really is that simple, with just an instant visit to either of the websites and following a instructions, you’ll have your individual PSN Code and truly save a lot of cash, have fun plus much more.
Every gamer sooo want to have their personal PSN Code and it actually is possible to acquire one free and simple by on the way to the website or and simply simply pursuing the instructions. The service is 100% legal and works by liking the page on facebook, sharing it together with your friends and pages on facebook, the simplicity is just incredible.
If under consideration getting involved and obtaining your own PSN Code then you definitely should start by visiting web sites, you then just scroll down and do as instructed on the pages, that is totally free and without scams or chance of personal data involved. All that is essential is sharing the website on only one from the many social network sites that are available to work with, just share away and obtain your free PSN codes right away, without even leaving your own home and without spending anything!
Anyone is permitted to receive the codes, however old you’re or about anything whatsoever, all that is essential is following a simple steps indexed by the websites and you should receive your PSN codes relatively quickly without any hassle. Many people ask why the sites are offering free codes yet it’s merely simple, as gaming advertisers and sponsers pay web sites for each of their promotions as well as the codes are financed by them therefore it is free for both web sites as well as the visitors who eagerly want their free PSN codes. The code generator is remarkably a work with the extreme developers working around the site to help make sure that people like you’re deserving the free psn codes you need and making sure that you can have fun whilst lowering the cost on with your PlayStation 3!
After paying so much for a console, the games, controllers as well as the Television employed to play the latest Blu Ray games you deserve an escape and should be eligible for free games, TV Shows and flicks, internet websites are making it happen so just head onto their sites and share away together with your friends, simple for complete reassurance, and then whenever you can get your code you’re all set to a happy gaming future.
Now you’re able to do a little dance, catch up using your friends or make an attempt to tell your pals about the site so that you can get some more codes. The shipping time is additionally relatively small, actually it’s instant as soon as you complete the steps required then you happen to be all good to go and may receive it in no time!
Just have a look at Free PSN Codes or even to get started, all you have to do is scroll down and stick to the simple and clean instructions, really quite simple, easy, fast and fun. I would give you advice guys to become quick though as it would be nearly 2013 which codes are used up fast! You also need not worry about Sony updating the codes as web sites automatically reflects these changes as well as updates their very own codes, removing ones that don’t work. The sites truly care for their consumers and yes it would be awesome to check them out and grab some free codes yourself!

You actually did it, right? You actually ran out and purchased the actual Playstation 3. You actually brought it home, opened up the actual package and then put together the gaming console. You actually logged into the Sony network expecting to have fun with your selected MMORPG and then? WHAM!!! You found out that you don’t own the right PSN code. It’s bad enough that Sony basically gives you one controller for practically all the cash you released for their most up-to-date gaming console but NOW they have perhaps added in insult to damages simply by making you obtain different PSN codes. All right, have no fear. We now have came across a way to make available to you FREE PSN CODES. We at have you taken care of. We have your back.

Exactly what are PSN Codes?

PSN codes allows you to encounter a lot more than just game playing. You can actually download PS game demos, applications, newly made available shows, tunes, complete Playstation games along with services such as Hulu and Netflix. The PSN codes are offered in three price levels: $10, $20 and $50. Certainly, typically the more you actually shell out the more you get. Seriously isn’t capitalism fantastic?

That being said, just how did all of us go about delivering free PSN codes? I’m relieved you wanted to know. First of all we did would be to amass the various PSN codes we could look for. Our team then developed a system that searchers for all the similarities between the unique codes. We fed the codes directly into the program and as a result? VOILA!!! Our team stumbled on a formula which allows us to produce free PSN codes. All of us conquered Sony at their own game (pun intended).

All of us think it’s actually a bunch of bollocks that we have got to visit the actual online store and buy the PSN code every month or two. Talk about a monopoly. That is why we are extremely pleased to present you with free PSN codes. You will never again need to hand over hard earned cash to “the man.” When you use all of these free PSN codes, you’ll be showed to a completely new place involving online home entertainment. Moreover, all of these babies give good results on your gaming console as well as the home computer. You’ll be able to watch shows on Netflix, listen to the latest songs not to mention get caught up with the preferred TV shows on Hulu. Just simply think of how awesome it will be to be able to enjoy Completely full Playstation 3 online games – all of this because you spent the time to obtain our free PSN codes.

Just What You Need To Undertake For You To Get Free PSN Codes

At this point, you may be thinking just what you need to do to have these codes. I will not blame you. I’ll promise you, this isn’t any scam. We have a huge amount of completely satisfied individuals who’ve already gotten theirs and are generally having a great time tearing up the universe and wasting aliens and monsters. Virtually all you ought to do in order to get the free PSN codes is in fact to share this page on Facebook, share it on a multitude of several other social networking sites and then also publish a super easy message to three Facebook pages that are specifically for game playing or even PS3. There you have it! Easy, right? After you achieve that, the actual free PSN codes will be yours. You may be wanting to know who is qualified to receive all of these unique codes. ANYONE!!! Anyone can get them. Practically all they ought to do is simply proceed with the 3 simple steps I’ve already stated and they will be able to get their free PSN codes. All of us wished to successfully look for an simple way to get all of these out to many of our fellow gamers and we came up with the idea of conveying the news with the world via social networks. So, who isn’t on Twitter or facebook these days? (when we are not playing games of course!)

Fear with Sony Updating the Codes?

Well, so you have gotten your free PSN codes and are having a great time but you hear Sony is going to modify things all around and then update the particular codes. Now you are uneasy that all the codes you have will no longer get the job done. Well, don’t worry. As mentioned just before, we have got you covered. We’re going to revise the free PSN codes generator to accommodate the fresh new codes Sony has released and we’ll generate new ones for you. Aren’t we amazing? Virtually all you have to accomplish is simply get back here pronto to obtain the most up to date free PSN codes. We will continue to keep things up to date as fast as we’re able to but our team actually do have other day-to-day lives so please be patient in cases where we have not updated things immediately. We’ll get them but it surely usually takes quite some time.

Hey there, thanks for stopping by and checking us out. Assuming you have at least one of our free PSN codes, drop us your thoughts and let us know precisely what you personally think of it. Peace!

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It really gets to us that Sony can charge SO MUCH for a console that comes with one controller, and then adding in $70.00 games is like rubbing a lemon on a cut. So imagine how bad it hurts that Sony has decided to add insult to injury and charge anywhere from $10-$50 for a Play Station Network card for your “added benefit”.

Get your free PSN card codes at freepsncodesgen.comFor YOUR added benefit, we got together and decided to put an end to this Sony money madness. We took every single Sony PlayStation Network card code we could come up with, and put them into a little program that we made that can detect any kind of pattern or similarity between each legitimate card code we entered into our system. The more codes that we entered, the more similarities popped up. When we caught on to these patterns, we were able to create a program that simulated Sony’s, enabling us to create our own free PSN codes for you! This took months of work, and tons of hours were logged trying to perfect the program. But we finally did it, for the good of the country’s economy.

So what do you do if you have a Play Station 3 and you have no clue what our free Play Station Network codes can do for you? Keep reading and I’ll fill you in!

Play Station Network codes allow you to enjoy a whole new world of gaming and entertainment on both your Play Station 3 and your PC. These PSN codes come in different dollar denominations of $10, $20, and $50, and they allow you to download PS3 game demos, applications, full Play Station 3 games, new released movies, music, and handy dandy little things like Netflix and Hulu. While this is convenient with the gas prices currently going through the roof, and not needing to run to the store to buy that new movie, CD, or game. But really. You would think with the amount of money you spend on the original console, these luxuries would be included. Or at least a few of them. Like Netflix, or 10 free movie downloads. Keep in mind you have to have the internet to do all this. So now you have to add in the price of the internet on top of all that. When do we get our break?

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